Worship Center Renovation Project

Worship Center Renovation Project


Questions and Answers


What is the scope of this project?

Make necessary upgrades to our heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Also, we need to enhance the quality of our sound and lighting. A total of 11 HVAC units will be replaced. A more detailed scope of work is provided below.

When will this project begin?

The project is scheduled to start June 3 and ideally be completed before ministry kick off in September.

What is the time frame to carry out this project?

The project will take approximately 4 months to complete – from contractor mobilization through the final punch list.

What is the cost of the project?

We hired an estimator to cost it out and the total for equipment and labor came in at $2.2 million. Keep in mind that this is the second phase (pews, carpet, and stage risers completed in 2016) of upgrades to the worship center that was originally built in 1986. This project was divided in to two phases in order for us to pay for it as we go.

Will the worship center need to be vacated during renovation?

Yes, for a good part of the demolition and construction, the worship center will be out of commission. During this time our Sunday morning worship services will be held at their usual times with simultaneous worship taking place in the Atrium and the Gym.

Atrium and Gym Access During Construction

Scope of Work

The project has been submitted for permit from Fairfax County. The construction is anticipated to begin in late May 2019.

The scope of work includes:

1. Replacement of ten rooftop HVAC units.

2. Structural reinforcement to support HVAC units.

  • Six of the HVAC units are over finished spaces with multi-layer drywall ceilings and AVL equipment. The structural reinforcement for these units will be accessed from above by removing portions of the existing roof sheathing/deck, and reinforcing existing steel beams.
  • Two of the largest HVAC units are over wood joist framing which will be reinforced. The space below these units will be renovated so access is from below.
  • Two of the units are over steel joist framing. Minimal reinforcement will be provided and the existing suspended ceiling will be removed for access and replaced.

3. Addition of an exterior screen wall at the low roof where the two largest HVAC units will be installed.

4. Replacement of the roofing and insulation in flat roofs areas that receive the reinforcement and new HVAC units.

5. Removal and replacement of existing ceiling, lighting, and finishes in several rooms surrounding the Sanctuary.

6. Inside the sanctuary:

  • Removal of a portion of the existing drywall ceiling, drywall wall furring, and drywall soffits and bulkheads.
  • New curved “cloud” ceiling over the existing platform.
  • New drywall in portions of the ceiling.
  • New house lighting fixtures for main seating area and balcony.
  • At balcony, removal of existing drywall ceiling and replacement with an acoustical grid/panel ceiling.
  • New theatrical lighting motorized truss system, hung from main roof beams.
  • New ductwork throughout the sanctuary.
  • New drywall bulkheads around the perimeter of the sanctuary to enclose ducts.
  • New support on the bulkheads to theatrical lighting and video screens.
  • New drywall on furring to cover existing brock surfaces.
  • New platform backdrop wall, to include a plenum for return air, support for a video wall, and a closeable baptistery opening (existing baptistery will remain).
  • Existing platform layout, collapsible risers, and floor finish will remain and be protected.
  • Existing pews and carpet will remain and be protected.



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